Sat 3/10 Veggie Sushi Class Fundraiser!

Mieko promised a veggie sushi fundraiser during the Progressive Potluck. The dish was very popular that night and disappeared into happy bellies quickly.

So… here it is!


Sat, March 10, 2018
3:00 PM – 6:00 PM
$50 per person. Proceeds go to HNA CERT.

Tickets available at Eventbrite, get yours now!

Class size is limited – only 10 seats available! If this event sells out, you can add your name to the waitlist. If a spot opens up you will be contacted by email with purchasing instructions. If there are many people on the waitlist, we will find another date to offer the same class.

Proceeds from this fundraiser will benefit the Halycon Neighborhood Association Community Emergency Response Team (HNA CERT).


9/28 HNA CERT Light Search & Rescue Class (Part One) Sells Out Oracle Arena!!! Available Now on Pay Per View for $79.99! (Well, almost. It was a great turnout!)

9/28 HNA CERT Light Search & Rescue Class Part One, Presentation and Pictures


Extra! Extra!! Read All About It!!!!! The 9/28 Halcyon Neighborhood Association Community Emergency Response Team  Light Search And Rescue Class Part One proved so popular we moved to, and sold out, the entire Oracle Arena! And are now offering it live on Pay Per View at $79.99 for Halcyon residents, $109.99 for non-Halcyon residents.

OK, the above isn’t exactly true, strictly speaking. If you want to get all technical and stuff. But Bill Springer led an absolutely blow-out Light Search and Rescue Part One class with a standing room only crowd of 30+ people, many of them new to HNA CERT.

Date and time for Part Two of the class, the practical section where we do an actual simulated rescue in an empty Prince Street home,  will be announced shortly.

Notes for the class are here HNA CERT 9-29-17 LSAR Part One.


A few of the participants post class, and of course Bill The Elder in green


Search and rescue

Search and Rescue Class Part 1 on 9/28 6:30PM – We Need You, You Need This!

Search and Rescue Class Part 1 on 9/28/17 6:30PM

Full-on, two-part, search and rescue class coming to HNA CERT!!
Over the last few weeks, we’ve all seen in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida, the Virgin Islands and elsewhere the devastation a natural disaster can bring. The Bay Area is not immune, and search and rescue, if done safely in an organized manner,  together with basic first aid, is one important thing you can do to save lives after a disaster. This class will give you the basic skills, and the life you say may be a neighbor or a loved one.
Berkeley CERT instructor Bill Springer has generously agreed to lead this two-part light search and rescue class.
  • Part 1: A classroom session from 6:30-8:00PM on Thursday, September 28th. Some food will be provided
  • Part 2: A  simulated search and rescue event held in an unoccupied Halcyon neighborhood home at the end of October (date TBD).
A big turnout not only gets more people in our community with the skills, it makes it much easier for our wonderful instructors like Bill Springer, Shawn, and Carrie (who you may recall from Stop The Bleed!) to continue to support us. If there was a time to come and bring your friends, it’s now.
The class will be held at 2135 Prince Street.
RSVP not required but much appreciated, and of course questions always welcome. HNACERT@GMAIL.COM
See you all next Thursday, 9/28! 
Search and rescue

Our Annual Disaster Preparedness Event

Halcyon Neighborhood Association Disaster Preparedness event 8-26-17 Pictures and Handouts

Thanks to everyone who came out, and especially thanks to the great CERT volunteers who so generously gave of their time and knowledge.

Event logo

For more pictures and handouts, see the Disaster? Be Ready! A Great Event report by Bill Swartz.

CERT Event Photos-29

A huge shout-out to our friends at CBCB for their generous donation of the trauma kits and gas shut-off wrenches.




Welcome to the Halcyon neighborhood CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) page!

The purpose of this page is to coordinate disaster preparedness and response in the Halcyon neighborhood (Telegraph to Adeline, Ashby to Woolsey, in South Berkeley, CA).

For more information or to get involved in Halcyon neighborhood’s CERT, contact

To help coordinate disaster response and find volunteer opportunities in the Halcyon neighborhood, please fill out one google form per household.


For more information on Halcyon Neighborhood Association (HNA), see

For questions about Halcyon Neighborhood Association in general, please contact If you live in the Halcyon neighborhood (Telegraph to Adeline, Ashby to Woolsey, in South Berkeley), join our Facebook group.

For information about Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) trainings by the City of Berkeley, see The most current list of trainings is usually on the Eventbrite Signup Page.

HNA Disaster Preparedness Plan for BIG Earthquakes

A) Household Emergency Preparedness:

  1. Make a Family Plan on how to evacuate and where to meet.
  2. Choose a Long-Distance Contact for everyone in the household to notify.
  3. Collect Family Emergency Supplies to last 5 to 14 Days.
    (Include minimum of 1–2 gallon(s) of water per person per day, nonperishable foods, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, flashlights with extra batteries, tools, cash, medications, food for pets, etc.)
  4. Prepare Your Home to Survive an Earthquake.
    (Install gas shutoff and/or learn to turn off gas and water; secure hazards such as water heater and heavy furniture; retrofit foundation; etc.)
  5. Know Your Neighbors and Organize Your Neighborhood (see B).

B) Halcyon Neighborhood Plan following BIG Quake:

  1. Each individual to secure personal household.
    (Check safety of family; turn off gas if appropriate — i.e., if there’s a fire or danger of fire, or if gas is leaking as detected by smell or gas meter moving faster than usual.)
  2. Before leaving, indicate that premises are clear.
    (Indicate that residents are safe & no one needs immediate help by marking front door of house or individual apartment with a GREEN piece of cloth or GREEN paper or writing with a GREEN pen on paper.)
  3. Report to Halcyon Commons park (Halcyon Court at Prince Street).
    (Members of the Disaster Supply Cache Team will have opened the Disaster Supply Cache on Halcyon Court & begun setup in the park.)
  4. Follow steps outlined in the Disaster Command Binder for setting up an Incident Command System (i.e., batteries in walkie-talkies, set up Halcyon Command Center near picnic table in Halcyon Commons park, etc.).
  5. Using instructions in Binder, assign Incident Command System Teams:
  • Communications
  • Light Search & Rescue
  • Disaster First Aid
  • Support/Logistics
  • Fire Suppression

To suggest revisions to this plan or to get involved in neighborhood disaster preparedness, contact