Welcome to the Halcyon neighborhood CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) page!

The purpose of this page is to coordinate disaster preparedness and response in the Halcyon neighborhood (Telegraph to Adeline, Ashby to Woolsey, in South Berkeley, CA).

For more information or to get involved in Halcyon neighborhood’s CERT, contact hnacert@gmail.com.

To help coordinate disaster response and find volunteer opportunities in the Halcyon neighborhood, please fill out one google form per household.


For more information on Halcyon Neighborhood Association (HNA), see www.halcyonneighborhood.org.

For questions about Halcyon Neighborhood Association in general, please contact halcyon92@gmail.com. If you live in the Halcyon neighborhood (Telegraph to Adeline, Ashby to Woolsey, in South Berkeley), join our Facebook group.

For information about Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) trainings by the City of Berkeley, see www.cityofberkeley.info/cert. The most current list of trainings is usually on the Eventbrite Signup Page.


HNA Disaster Preparedness Plan for BIG Earthquakes

A) Household Emergency Preparedness:

  1. Make a Family Plan on how to evacuate and where to meet.
  2. Choose a Long-Distance Contact for everyone in the household to notify.
  3. Collect Family Emergency Supplies to last 5 to 14 Days.
    (Include minimum of 1–2 gallon(s) of water per person per day, nonperishable foods, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, flashlights with extra batteries, tools, cash, medications, food for pets, etc.)
  4. Prepare Your Home to Survive an Earthquake.
    (Install gas shutoff and/or learn to turn off gas and water; secure hazards such as water heater and heavy furniture; retrofit foundation; etc.)
  5. Know Your Neighbors and Organize Your Neighborhood (see B).

B) Halcyon Neighborhood Plan following BIG Quake:

  1. Each individual to secure personal household.
    (Check safety of family; turn off gas if appropriate — i.e., if there’s a fire or danger of fire, or if gas is leaking as detected by smell or gas meter moving faster than usual.)
  2. Before leaving, indicate that premises are clear.
    (Indicate that residents are safe & no one needs immediate help by marking front door of house or individual apartment with a GREEN piece of cloth or GREEN paper or writing with a GREEN pen on paper.)
  3. Report to Halcyon Commons park (Halcyon Court at Prince Street).
    (Members of the Disaster Supply Cache Team will have opened the Disaster Supply Cache on Halcyon Court & begun setup in the park.)
  4. Follow steps outlined in the Disaster Command Binder for setting up an Incident Command System (i.e., batteries in walkie-talkies, set up Halcyon Command Center near picnic table in Halcyon Commons park, etc.).
  5. Using instructions in Binder, assign Incident Command System Teams:
  • Communications
  • Light Search & Rescue
  • Disaster First Aid
  • Support/Logistics
  • Fire Suppression

To suggest revisions to this plan or to get involved in neighborhood disaster preparedness, contact hnacert@gmail.com.

Disaster Supply Cache Wish List

The Halcyon Commons Disaster Supply Cache contains items intended to benefit the entire neighborhood in the event of disaster (primarily first aid, search & rescue, and communications supplies plus items for command center setup in Halcyon Commons).

You can help us have what we need on hand in two ways:

(1) MOST NEEDED: Make a financial contribution for purchasing additional supplies by making a check out to either HNA (not tax deductible but gives us maximum flexibility and there is no overhead charge) or to Berkeley Partners for Parks, earmarked Halcyon (BPFP is our nonprofit fiscal sponsor, so a check through them is tax deductible but withholds 7% overhead). Mail or drop off your check in an envelope to HNA Treasurer Susan Hunter, 3044 Halcyon Court, Berkeley, CA 94705.

(2) Contribute any of the following items in-kind (supplies MUST be new or in EXCELLENT condition):

  • Duct Tape (this is a versatile supply that allows us to improvise with common household items in the event of a disaster: lots needed!);
  • Batteries (AA, C, D), regular & rechargeable; Battery Recharger for AA, C, D;
  • Quality Walkie-Talkies with 8-mile range, 22 channels (i.e., Motorola Talkabout T5500 two-way radios);
  • Axes; Crow Bars, Hard Hats;
  • Other Tools for Search & Rescue;
  • Head Lamps; Heavy-duty Flashlights;
  • Bullhorn;
  • First Aid Supplies;
  • Gas Siphon (for extracting gas from cars to run generator);
  • Work Gloves;
  • Coleman or similar Propane Stove;
  • Two-Foot Lengths of 2x4s and 4x4s (good for cribbing and creating fulcrums for removing heavy objects during search & rescue operations).

Contact HNA Co-Chair and Cache Coordinator Nancy Carleton at halcyon92@gmail.com to contribute supplies.


Disaster? Be Ready! Annual Disaster Prep Event, Sat. Aug. 26, 10–Noon, Halcyon Commons

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Halcyon Commons (Halcyon Court at Prince Street, Berkeley)
Light snacks courtesy of Whole Foods Market
Fresh coffee courtesy of Starbucks

For further info: HNACERT@gmail.com

This free event is open to the public and will take place on Saturday, August 26th from 10 am to 12:00 pm at Halcyon Commons park (Halcyon Court at Prince Street).

The motto for Disaster? Be Ready! is Applicability and Education. Attendees will leave the event having learned and practiced specific skills they can use to save the lives of loved ones, protect property, and help the community.

The event features a center stage with rotating 20- to 30-minute classes, staffed “information stations,” refreshments and, while supplies last, giveaways to lucky class participants of life-saving tools and equipment.

Here’s a sampling of classes and events:

* Off the Grid — Learn and practice the hows and whens of shutting off the gas. Show you’ve mastered the skill and get a free gas and water shut-off wrench while supplies last.

* Stop the Bleed! (30-minute class) — Learn how to stop traumatic, life-threatening bleeding with tourniquet and pressure pads. Taught by Shawn Connors, lead civilian instructor, Berkeley Fire Department. Lucky participants will receive a full trauma kit after every class while supplies last.

* Save Your Pet! (30-minute class) — Keep Your Pet Alive with hands-on CPR and First Aid Training. Taught by Peter Pay, Animal First Aid Instructor for the East Bay Municipal Park District and the Humane Society.

* Home Readiness + Disaster Planning — Learn how to make your own home emergency kit and create a family disaster action plan.

* Command Post — Learn more about the Halcyon Neighborhood Association’s Community Emergency Response Team: who we are, what we do, and how you can get involved.

Following the event, we’ll enjoy a very informal picnic in Halcyon Commons starting around 12:30 p.m. It should be fun and help build the most important disaster preparedness tool of all: community.

Disaster? Be Ready! is brought to you by the Halcyon Neighborhood Association Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). Our mission: Save lives, Meet neighbors, Build community. We’ll have a table and would love to meet you, and better yet, have you join us.

HNA CERT wishes to extend its special thanks to CBCB for their most generous support of the event and their donation of trauma kits and emergency gas and water shut-off wrenches.